Welcome to Finland!
Tervetuloa Suomeen! Välkommen til Finland!


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“Finland! Finland! Finland! The country where I want to be” as the Monthy Pythons once sung. But as must be running in your head right now - were they spot on or were they just being provocative? Sure, Finland is *miles* away from Vietnam, but there ain’t no poney trekking here, punks!

So. Finland. It is a country where days are pitch dark and nights are daylight; where people spank themselves at 120ºC and swim in ice holes; where sweets aren’t sweet and sausages suit vegetarians. A country with both the World’s largest coffee consumption per capita, and according to my taste buds, the World’s worst coffee. Finland is also Santa’s home (according to the Finns at least). And it is also my home. Finland is all this but it’s also much more. As you will see in these pages, Finland is a beautiful country even if not so diverse - the whole country seems written in Morse code: “.” is a forest, “-” is a lake - the Finnish nature is charming and literally at one’s doorstep.

You will find in this gallery pictures of Espoo, pictures of Helsinki and pictures of Porvoo.



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