Welcome to France! Bienvenue en France!

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Oui oui oui! Non non non! Yes, France is subject to many a cliché, some well earned! But most of all, France is a beautiful country, if not the most beautiful country (I know, I’m biased). It has so much to offer if you are willing to give it the time it deserves. France is uniquely diverse with a wide variety of natural sceneries; dramatic coastlines, flat fine sand beaches, dunes, deserts, canyons, alpine and Jura mountains, volcanoes -albeit extinct-, vast plains, you-name-it! And that’s jut the metropolitan France! Go to French Polynesia, French Caribbean and you’re up to yet other feasts! France hosts some of the most famous landmarks on Earth and has a glamorous cultural heritage. France is as well synonym of great diverse food, which I dare say is unmatched anywhere else.

Bon Voyage!

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