The Helsinki Zoo, located on the Korkeasaari island, a short boat / bus / car hop away from the city centre, features animals coming from Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America and Australia. With 150 animal species represented, included endangered species, and a thousand plant species, it shows a little portion of the World’s great biodiversity. Should you plan a visit to the Helsinki zoo, while visiting the FInnish capital, you might want to take note of the feeding times, outside which it’s pretty much napping time: 11.00 am: dwarf mongoose, 12.30 pm: cat valley, 1.00 pm: red vallaby, 2.00 pm: Amazonia, 6.00 pm: european otter and european mink. Note that cats will wake up in the evening, shortly before closing time (8pm).... when most visitors have already left (hint ;-)

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