Beginning as a trading port, Hong Kong became a dependent territory of the United Kingdom in 1842, and remained so until 1997 when its sovereignty was transferred to the People's Republic of China. Along with Macau, Hong Kong is one of the two special administrative regions under the "one country, two systems" policy. As a result, Hong Kong is largely self-governing, has its own currency, legal and political systems, a high degree of autonomy in all areas except foreign affairs and defense, and is generally not considered part of mainland China.


Renowned for its expansive skyline and natural setting, Hong Kong is one of the World's leading financial capitals, a major business and cultural hub, and maintains a highly developed economy. Its identity as a cosmopolitan centre where east meets west is reflected in its cuisine, cinema, music and traditions, and although the population is predominantly Chinese, residents and expatriates of other ethnicities form a small but significant segment of society. - Wikipedia

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