Situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, at the junction of the American and European continental plates, Iceland is a truly magical place where nature reigns Queen - it has been so for ages, and hopefully will remain so for years and years. Offering breathtaking landscapes that keep changing every kilometer or so, much like the weather that keeps changing every minute or so, it is a place that leaves nobody indifferent. It is in such environment, with raw nature all around, untamed, beautiful that one can hopefully realize, if not already, that its conservation is vital, anywhere on the planet.

Iceland is the most beautiful country I have ever seen, one that keeps bringing me big smiles. Having the chance to witness its beauty is a real blessing - but make no mistake, be well prepared :) Sure you can hop with dozens of tourists on a bus, but frankly, why would you do that? No, instead, make your own plan, and be wary of the extremely changing weather which can turn a seemingly safe place into a hostile environment in no time. 

The photographs below were shot in fall 2014, from late September to early October, roaming the West, South-West, South, South-East and the highlands. I will be back as soon as possible :)


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